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Welcome to my new blog!

Hello! Thanks for visiting my new blog, survivalfictionblog.com. This blog is devoted to my favorite genre of fiction, adventure stories with a survival theme. I will have book and film reviews as well as posts dealing with all manner of survival stories. I have been an avid reader of survival fiction (survfic) for over 30 years and have quite a collection of books and films in this unique genre. Although this category is recognized in the TEOTWAWKI community, the mainstream bookstores do not have a designated shelf space for it. Heck, they don’t even have an “action-adventure” section. Amazon.com does acknowledge survival fiction as a category since you can use this as a search term and come up with a handful of books. So what exactly is survival fiction anyway? To me it’s a story involving a catastrophic upheaval in a characters life or society as a whole, requiring the protagonist to resort to extreme and unusual methods to stay alive and deal with the problems at hand. There is a lot of overlap between survfic and action-adventure since both are heavy on the combat and chase scenes. Books by Clive Cussler, Alistair Mclean, and James Rollins fall into the … Continue reading

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