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What’s the Deal with Zombies?

Wow, there sure are a lot of zombie stories these days. From The Walking Dead on AMC to the upcoming World War Z movie and the Remains made-for-TV flick on the Chiller channel, the undead seem to be shambling quite actively these days. There is the Resident Evil series, the various Night of the Living Dead remakes (remember, I am speaking only of recent releases), the nazi zombie film Dead Snow, and 28 Days Later. Okay, that last one isn’t a true zombie movie the vibe is pretty much the same. Books include World War Z by Max Brooks (son of director Mel Brooks), Day By Day Armageddon by J L Bourne, and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Steve Hockensmith. Also popular are zombie comedies (zom coms) such as Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, and Zombie Strippers. I personally don’t care for these but they represent the majority of offerings, it seems. There are zombie comic books like The Last Zombie, and Zombie, an Illustrated History of the Undead by Jovanka Vuckovic. Of course The Walking Dead was a comic long before it was a hit TV show.  The other appeal of zombies stories is that it allows us to fantasize about … Continue reading

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Review: World Made by Hand, by James Kunstler

A convincing look at life a few years after the failure of the electric grid and the end of modern life. Though very episodic in nature and shown through the eyes of a rather meek and unsympathetic protagonist, the disturbing believability make this a story worth reading. James Howard Kunstler is well know in TEOTWAWKI circles as the author of The Long Emergency, which takes a hard look at American society in a post-peak-oil world. He is an established non-fiction writer, having written several books on the topics of modern city design, suburban sprawl, and sustainability, as well as a few children’s books, a couple of farces, and a few others. His architecture books are standard reading in architecture courses. He argues that no more skyscrapers will be built in the US, that we must wean ourselves off our car culture, and that we will transition to a more agrarian society. In World Made by Hand, Kunstler takes this a step further, creating a fictional world where his predictions have come true. Oil is non-existent and the electrical grid has failed. Big cities have fallen into chaos but the rural areas have been able to form some semblance of an organized … Continue reading

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